Why I Avoided Growing My Business....

I have a confession to make. When I first started working with my current mentors, I did hardly anything for the first 6 months. Yep. Pretty much nothing. Which also meant I didn’t make any money and didn’t go forward with my business at all. I actually did everything that I could think of to […]
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Most People Don’t Know What A Millionaire Is

Do you know what being a millionaire actually means? It surprises me how many people are confused by this - it’s simply your NET worth being in 7 figures. That’s NET worth. That’s NOT how much you’ve predicted your business will do this year. That’s NOT how much your business TURNS OVER, in a year […]
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What If You Viewed The World Like A 5 Year Old...

A few nights ago I taught my 5 year old daughter how to use a pendulum. Which may seem like a strange thing to some, but in my world that would be completely normal. What it did was open my eyes to the wonder and magic that happens through energy when the person has no […]
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The biggest lessons I learned from paying $200K to be a Tony Robbins Platinum Partner in 2018

Some people are a Tony fan and some are not. Either way that’s ok for the lesson I want to share with you today. Back in 2017 when I decided to be a Platinum Partner, I was searching for something I thought was missing from my life. I thought that it was partly the answer […]
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The Kardashians Can Teach You A Lot About Business

Let’s talk about the Kardashians. I know many of you will groan at hearing their name and not want to read this, I urge you to hang in there with me because this comes back to business and the empire that they have built. People think the Kardashians are only famous because of some sex […]
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How Many Hours Do You Actually Work?

When people first come to us seeking help with their business, one of the many topics we discuss is how many hours they currently work as most people want to work less. I’ve been thinking about this for myself and it’s so hard to put an actual number on how many hours I actually work. […]
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What Do Nashville, Cults And Your Family Have in Common When It Comes To Growing As A Person

One of my favourite must watch tv series is Nashville. I first heard about it before it premiered in the US as I was actually in Nashville for CMA Fest, a 4 day music festival where I just happened to be standing about 5 meters from where Hayden Panettiere (Juliette Barnes) was being interviewed and […]
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Running A Business Isn't Like Everyone Reports On Social Media

A few days ago I wrote a post on my personal Facebook page about the real life struggles of parenthood when our kids are horrendous and the struggles I face myself as a single mum. I decided to break the silence on social media to do with the fact that you only ever see parents […]
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How Persistent Are You Really?

I live in a world where I can make anything happen that I want. I live in a world where I have limitless opportunities and there are infinite possibilities. I live in a place where it’s about asking HOW do I make this happen rather than having an instant reaction of “I can’t do that.” […]
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