April 16, 2018

The Kardashians Can Teach You A Lot About Business

Let’s talk about the Kardashians. I know many of you will groan at hearing their name and not want to read this, I urge you to hang in there with me because this comes back to business and the empire that they have built.

People think the Kardashians are only famous because of some sex tape that Kim did over a decade ago.

People think that they do nothing all day besides laze around their mansions and go on holidays to exotic locations.

Sure they have some perks in their life that many of us would dream of.

But from what I see from the outside and from the episodes of their TV show that I have watched, they work damn hard. They also deserve to have rest time.

They are constantly running from one place to another, meetings about the products that they develop, photo shoots, launches and not to mention the social media platforms they manage.

They are constantly what I would call, “On”.

They have to deal with the press constantly. They have no privacy at all. Some of it is by their own making from their TV show, but it’s also anytime they go anywhere at all, there are paparazzi just waiting for them.

Would you like to be followed around 24/7 and need bodyguards because you get treated like a piece of meat and have no privacy?

I sure as hell wouldn’t like it but the Kardashians, they gave up their privacy to build their empire.

Yes Empire. Most people wouldn’t associate the word Empire with The Kardashians, but this is exactly what they have.

Unless you spoke directly to each of them directly away from the cameras, I don’t know what each would say about if building their empire was worth the sacrifice of their privacy or not.

I don’t think that we will ever know the real answer behind that, but it’s way too late to go back now.

Let’s get back to their Empire. How did they build an empire I hear you ask? They are amazing sales people. Each one of them individually and then them together as a collective.

They have used everything they possibly can to create a platform to sell to that 15-35 year old woman bracket of the market.

Let’s start with the TV show - they have just finished SEASON 14! Seriously what reality show do you know that’s run for 14 years? Not many.

They have an average of 1 Million Viewers per episode and have produced 222 Episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

They also have had 9 spin off series from KUWTK, PLUS broke records with their 10 million viewers for Kim and Kris’s Wedding special over 2 nights. Kim was earning $2million from her wedding so, no wonder Kim felt the pressure to go through with the wedding when she really didn’t want to. I know that feeling myself without having millions of eyes on me!

Kim and the rest of the clan have used the ongoing success of KUWTK to leverage their audience into wanting to buy things from them.

No matter what they do, if it’s got a Kardashian or a Jenner attached to it, it’s going to make money.

The one that impresses me the most is the lipstick collection Kim and Kylie worked on together, in 3 hours from the launch, they sold out of all 300,000 kits and made over $14.4 MILLION.

They use their social media accounts and the apps they have to reach millions and millions of potential customers.

Because they share so much of their life, remember the whole no privacy thing I mentioned earlier, even though you’ve never met them you feel as though you know them and can trust them.

They build that relationship with their followers every single day when they are posting online the pictures of them with their kids, their friends, their behind the scenes of new product photoshoots. All so that when it comes time to launch the new product they can make $14.4 million in just 3 hours.

They work damn hard at making sure that they are on point with all their businesses, products and social media.

I will say it again, they are AMAZING sales people. I am sure that they now have some people helping them along the way, but I truly believe so much of this falls back to them and who they are.

Kim could still be tagged with the “Sex Tape Scandal” title and be worth a fraction of what she is now.

She chose to take advantage of any opportunity that she could to launch a career for herself and I think the $175million she is worth today certainly speaks volumes for how hard she has worked to build her empire.

It’s been over a decade since KUWTK launched and even when the show runs it course, this family have built such a huge following that it won’t even matter.

They’ve leveraged the show as the original platform, into their own platforms all over social media.

If you are curious like me, let me share with you how much each of the women are approximately worth.

Kim - $175Million
Kris - $60Million
Kylie - $50million - at age 20!
Khloe - $40million
Kourtney - $40million
Kendall - $18Million - at age 21!

That’s $383 MILLION just from the women in the family.

And it all comes back to the hustle to make sales, to make money and the want to build their empire.

Let me ask you, what are you doing to build your empire?

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