September 20, 2019

What If You Viewed The World Like A 5 Year Old...

A few nights ago I taught my 5 year old daughter how to use a pendulum. Which may seem like a strange thing to some, but in my world that would be completely normal.

What it did was open my eyes to the wonder and magic that happens through energy when the person has no skepticism at all.

When we are kids we are open to the idea that anything is possible and everything is real. It’s only through adults telling kids “Don’t be silly, that’s not real.” that all the hope and possibility gets squashed out of them.

My daughter loves playing “make believe” ALL the time, which drives her older step brother crazy because he thinks that she is lying because he’s been told so many things don’t exist.

For instance - it's ok to say you are a mermaid in the water when you are in the pool, but it’s not ok to say you are a mermaid when we are sitting at the dinner table. Whereas my daughter truly believes that because her ankles are crossed over and she is seeing them as a mermaid tail, she is a mermaid.

I don’t want to squash the creative out of her so there is a very fine line when one kid thinks the other is lying and not getting in trouble for it.

She also sees spirits and has done since she was a baby, which I believe all kids do, I know I did. So when she told me about her friends in her bedroom, or names of kids at daycare or school that sound like they are from a century ago or another country, I ask more questions and I also check in to see if they are physical or spiritual friends.

When this first started happening, I’ll be honest, I freaked out. Which is what most adults do, which is how the intuitive connection gets squashed out of the kids, it’s just what I did was probably a little different to most parents.

This one evening, I was getting dinner ready and had told my daughter about 30mins before that she couldn’t play outside on the trampoline anymore and had to come inside. She is then standing at the back door yelling out very upset “Mummy why can’t I play on my trampoline, it’s not fair that that little girl gets to play on my trampoline and I don’t!” I look up and there is no child on her trampoline.

No physical child anyway. I walk over to the back door and actually look properly while asking my spirit guides to show me what she can see.

There is a spirit of a young girl on the trampoline.

I then had my quick moment of freak out and I sent her spirit away.

It wasn’t until I was telling my mentor about it that she said to me - did I think to check if the spirit girl was one of my daughters guides? Ah, that would be a no, because I freaked out. I had no idea why I did because I see this stuff all the time myself.

I did what I thought was the right thing to protect my daughter.

Majority of people, when they say to their kids “Don’t be silly, that’s not real.” are trying to protect their kids, just in the way that they know how, the same way I did what I knew how to do.

The reason why kids do have “Imaginary friends”, who just as an FYI, are not imaginary they are actually there, when they are younger but they disappear by around the age of 7 or 8 is because they’ve been told over and over it’s not real.

Which is how we create adults that don’t believe in what they can’t physically see or touch. It’s why adults are disconnected from their intuition, it’s why there are certain people that are skeptical about anything and everything.

Which brings me back to the pendulum lesson with my daughter.

Firstly I showed her what YES looked like and what NO looked like by me using it.

Then I asked “Is my name Emma?” which it swung in the Yes direction obviously. My daughter's eyes were wide, she gasped, her hands came up to cover her mouth and she is speechless - which my child takes after me and is never at a loss for words.

I asked a few more general questions to show her that it would say Yes or No correctly before she was asking if she could have a go.

I get her to hold it and have her check YES and NO for herself - her eyes at this put look like they are going to pop out of her head and her mouth is open like one of those clowns at the fare that you throw the balls into their mouth.

She asked the pendulum about her name and her age and when it swings as a YES she says “MUMMA - IT’S MAGIC! IT KNOWS MY NAME! IT KNOWS HOW OLD I AM!” with absolute delight and shock and amazement all rolled into one.

She kept asking a few questions to it and just kept saying over and over “Mum this is MAGIC, how does it KNOW? This is the most magical necklace I’ve ever seen, can I have one of my very own PLLLLEEEEEEAAAASSSEEEE?”

When I didn’t say yes to this she then proceeds to ask the pendulum “Is my Mummy the BEST mumma ever? Oh it’s a YES! Mum it’s a YES you are the BEST MUM! So can I have a magic necklace of my own?”
It was very cute.

The thing is - this is magic. You are literally holding a piece of metal and crystal and it starts MOVING to give you an answer to a question you asked. Plus when you ask questions you already know the answer to, you can see it’s right.

That’s because everything is just energy. You, me, the crystal, the metal, the air, the floor, the roof, the thoughts, the movement, everything is just energy.

Energy can create magic.

It’s what your definition of magic is though.

For many people it’s movie magic where you say some magic rhyming words and then magically something pops into your hand or it disappears from your hand.

Do I know that that’s NOT real? Not with 100% certainty because I’d love to believe that it is.

Majority of people automatically don’t believe that so therefore magic doesn’t exist.

Seeing the amazement in my daughter's eyes and on her face while she kept repeating about the “Magic Necklace” while she witnessed the pendulum in action was such an incredible moment for me.

I just kept thinking that if only we could all view the world through the eyes of a 5 year old where anything is possible and magic exists, imagine what that world would be like?

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