July 31, 2020

Why "Wait and See" is Not a Good Business Strategy

Strategy. What is the strategy you are using in your business right now?

It amazed me how many business owners were just “waiting to see what happens” a few months ago when it was declared that there was a worldwide pandemic happening.

You should have a strategy in your business to operate in normal circumstances anyway, regardless of the world situation.

It’s been even more important right now to have an idea of what the fuck you are actually doing and where you are heading and HOW you are going to do that. Especially now that this second wave is hitting Australia. It’s only a matter of time before the borders are closed in every state and we are back in lockdown again.

People have been operating in totally unresourceful and overwhelmed states which is creating less than ideal circumstances for themselves.

I get it, I’ve had moments of complete overwhelm too. I’ve cried and sobbed and had my meltdowns too.

When we were in lockdown my 6 year old daughter and 9 year old stepson were being home schooled by my partner while I was trying to work. I lost my shit more times than I can count in the 9 weeks we had them at home.

I’m used to being at home all day because I’ve worked from home for years, my life didn’t change too much, it’s just that I had people in my space making noise constantly. There is no peace and quiet, which is what I desperately craved.

So yeah, it’s caused a few meltdowns and arguments with my partner, it’s been tough.

Throughout that all, I have been helping other business owners plan their strategy for what they are doing in their business and what they need to change and how. I’ve also been doing the same for myself.

I want you to think about strategy as a game of how do I win? But also thinking about what the definition of winning actually is in your scenario.

Winning may mean to you that you have a certain level of income, it may be helping a certain volume of customers, it may be creating something different to anything you’ve done before, it may be ALL of these things!

Once you know what point B is, how do you get from point A to point B?

Firstly how do you want to BE? How will you show up?

Do you want to be an asshole as you do it and knock out everyone in your way to do whatever it takes including things that cross the line?


Do you want to be ethical and make sure that you do everything above board and in the best possible way for everyone involved?

That’s part of the how you want to BE mindset. The other part of the ‘how’ is the actual actions that you are going to take, the strategy of how to get from point A to point B.

Step 1 - Involves the complete breakdown of whatever the bigger picture goal is into ‘What do we actually need to do to create that?’. This will be in more detail.

Step 2 - Looks at timelines. Is when you said you wanted it to happen actually achievable? If it is what needs to be happening day upon day, week upon week, to make that a reality?

Step 3 - Involves the deeply tactical strategy around EXACTLY what needs to happen at each stage of this on the actual execution of the previous plans and strategy.

It seems simple right?


My brain naturally works this way and to be honest with you, sometimes I get waaaaayyyy too involved in the details in step 3 because I go there really easily without thinking about it.

What I see the majority of business owners do though, is they get stuck at Step 1.

They see the big picture goal, they start to think about what needs to be done to create it and the plan never actually fully forms properly.

Why’s that you ask?

Because they get overwhelmed. That already seems like too much on their plate when they already have customers they have to deal with, staff to deal with, partners, kids, family and all these other things that they are juggling right now.

So they tell themselves that they are working towards that big goal but the reality is that they are just doing what they need to do to maintain what they’ve got, in the best-case scenario.

They are doing the best they can in the situation that they are in.

The other reason I see people get stuck, is they are somewhere between half doing Step 1 and trying to start Step 2 and they do come up with a more detailed plan but the issue is that the details in the plan are not quite right. They have what I’ll call a “wishful thinking” plan.

“If I just get 5 people a day to buy my $500 product, 7 days a week from an automated funnel, I’ll make a million dollars in the next year by having residual income!”

Let’s set the record straight, that isn’t going to happen for starters. You aren’t going to make a million dollars in “residual Income” unless you have tens of millions of dollars invested in a really smart long term strategy kind of way.

Everything else still involves you doing work, which isn’t residual income.

Also your automated funnel isn’t going to make you millions of dollars. So stop buying more click funnels courses and buying the lie about that.

So this is why I call it a “wishful thinking” plan. It’s not a reality.

Strategy is key with your business success and whatever your definition of winning looks like.

If you don’t have a proper strategy then you are basically just floating along hoping for the best.

Don’t do that.

It’s stressful.

It’s painful.

It’s you wasting away in your mind, body and soul every day because you are just turning up with no clear direction.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to STAY like this even if it’s been like this!

If you’d like some help with your strategy, I’d love to help you! It doesn’t take me long to see the possibilities for you once I know a bit about your business! You’ll be surprised how great you’ll feel once you have that clarity!

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