August 10, 2020

The $10,000 Money Mindset

What you think and feel about money, determines your bank account balance. Just ask my client that changed the way she felt about money and had an extra $10,000 not long after.

Recently, during one of my events, we spent a good chunk of the first day discussing everyone's beliefs around money and how having money makes them feel.

When I have these conversations with people it always surprises people that one of the main feelings that come up is that the idea of having more money than they currently do actually makes them feel UNSAFE.

Yes you read that right. Unsafe by having more money.

It normally takes a bit of digging to get to that point but it is a really common underlying belief that people hold despite saying the complete opposite outloud of “I want more money, I can create more money, I love money” etc.

Interesting right?

The reason that people generally have this underlying feeling of more money will make them unsafe comes down to a couple of main reasons.

1. They wouldn’t know what to do with the money and then what if they messed up and lost it all because they didn’t know what to do with the extra money that they weren’t used to.

2. Who would that make them if they had more money? Would it make them the rich greedy asshole that they have grown up hearing complaints about from their family? Would it mean that people would think certain things about them?

When any of these thoughts and more come up, the brain basically starts flashing red alert lights everywhere screaming UNSAFE, UNSAFE, UNSAFE and does anything it can do to bring you back to safety.

The brain’s main job is to keep you safe at all times and it will do ANYTHING to make sure that you stay safe at any moment that you start having any resemblance of fear come up. Most people live their lives from that place instead of trusting their actual self to push through the fear and take action that means that they are in control of their mind.

Literally the only thing in the world you can control is yourself. Your thoughts, your feelings, your actions are all within your control. It’s up to you to decide how you want to be and what you want to do.

So when the brain is sending off those red flashing light signals it starts throwing out thoughts like “I’m comfortable where I am, I manage, I don’t need more money, I’m not greedy” to make you stay in your comfort zone and never stretch yourself.

The other types of thoughts that happen when you GET the extra money is more so along the lines of “You don’t deserve this, you didn’t work hard enough for this” OR “I deserve everything, I’m cashed up and I’m going to spend it on whatever I like”.

Both of these are a recipe for disaster. What they lead to is terrible spending habits where you basically do anything you can do to GET RID of the money so you are back to where you felt comfortable. Yep that’s right, you basically do a self sabotage routine on yourself and put yourself in a worse situation.

I have seen this happen so many times.

“I had all this money and I was doing really well, I just don’t know where it’s gone.”

“I had all this growth and excess cash in my account but I don’t know what happened to it.”

These statements are things I hear all the time.

What I learned back in the early years of mentoring people is that not everyone has my natural mindset and ability to manage money.

There is a reason why I was a millionaire in my 20’s and it’s because the habits and thoughts I had about money started from when I was a child and continued no matter how much money I had. Most people have kind of plodded along with their money situation by just surviving and paying for their way in life, nothing too excessive so it never really changes the situation.

When I realised what was happening as people started working with me, they were making more money than they ever had done before in super short time frames that suddenly all of their money beliefs and fears were triggered. Which meant that they started sabotaging their success.

Part of it was a lack of understanding about what to actually do with money and looking at your financials to understand the situation. The other issue revolved more so around the beliefs about money.

No matter how much you understand about financials if your money beliefs haven’t been dealt with it means nothing. I have spoken to so many accountants and financial advisors recently that actually have terrible personal financial situations which shows you exactly what I mean, they get the numbers but they don’t get the mindset and energetic part of it. All of it works together.

The beliefs and the fears create trapped energy within the body, when you release the trapped energy from your body and your energetic field then you unblock your money flow.

The perfect example of this is from someone in my recent that has been struggling with her beliefs around money for a long time. We talked about what she experienced and then we did a meditation to release that energy from her body and transform her belief system.

When she came out of the meditation she had received an email during the meditation that she would be receiving $10,000 in her account soon. She had given up on this money to the point of telling people verbally that she wasn’t going to be getting it prior to that day.

There is no coincidence that once she released the energy and changed her thought process that this $10,000 turned up.

Now I also want to point out that this wasn’t a sit on your butt and meditate all day long and you’ll get magic money to arrive in your account. This client of mine had taken action to get that $10,000 months ago, it’s just that the rest of her was not in alignment and able to receive the money yet.

My question to you right now is - how are your thoughts and beliefs affecting YOUR money situation right now?

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