July 24, 2020

A Reflection On My Journey

Reflecting on my journey in business over the last 12 years I can see the correlation between my own personal growth and the business growth plus also what my business looks like now.

Even my accountant a few months ago on a comprehensive analysis of my figures over the last few years said that there was a positive correlation between my travel expenses and turnover, my mentoring spend and my turnover.

Which I giggled at when I read, because mentoring is one of my largest yearly expenses, between $100K - $150K and I spend it every year. Travel is also normally another expense that’s in my top 5 highest spends.

Normally what accountants will do is try to cut those highest spend categories to put more money on your bottom line. Not my accountant, she told me to keep doing what I was doing as it showed up consistently year on year as a positive.

Part of the personal growth journey that I have had over the years has included a lot of inner work on myself in a personal development setting. But that can’t be the only thing that happens because going from event to event there are a number of issues.

  1. It’s unsustainable. For so many reasons.
    The event come down when it’s over, creates issues for actual implementation
  2. You end up on a cycle of running from event to event to get your next high which is your next breakthrough - you get addicted to the breakthrough and that huge light bulb moment that happens.

You go back home and then a week or so later you experience everything that you left beforehand, the family, the friends, the business that HASN’T changed but yet you feel as though you have.

All you want to do is go back to the event room. Go back into the bubble of it.

It’s not long before the situation and the people around you tend to pull you back into what life was like before the event, to some degree. You lose the huge driving force you had, all the things you were going to change and create instantly and then start doing it a bit slower.

Your old thought patterns creep back in to some degree and you fight that internal battle daily.

Then you go to another event and the cycle starts again, you are all pumped up, you do all this shit at the event, then you go home and start on it but then get sucked back into the older stuff.

Overall throughout this cycle you are definitely better off on the long term scale, you do think differently and you have worked through some of your stuff, but you constantly have to be at an event to get that high.

I believe there is a place for personal development, but I also believe that it can’t happen on it’s own.

A huge part of my growth in me as a person, which then flowed to my business, is my spiritual growth.

I had always believed that there was more out there than what we thought. I used to tell people all the time that I desperately would love to be psychic. Then I found out that anyone has the power to tap into that psychic power and connect to Universe, Source, Spirit, God, whatever word you connect with.

That’s when everything really changed for me and I became a better version of myself and my business reflected that also, as your business is just an extension of you.

I was meditating and connecting to source, talking to my spirit guides daily and creating an inner knowing in myself of the direction I was going, and that everything was happening for me in exactly the right way. I was doing rituals, I was using every energetic and practical avenue I could use to help me create the life I wanted.

There were times where I totally ignored advice I was given and later on realised that I shouldn’t have shrugged that off as being something that “maybe I made up” rather than having trust that it did come from a higher power that had my best interest at heart.

It’s been a wild ride the last 5 plus years since I started tapping into everything that is available to every one of us, and using it, plus using the personal development mindset work that I’ve done and then combining it with all of my practical business knowledge and experience.

I use to run events where I would be doing all this energy work behind the scenes setting up rooms energetically for people to feel comfortable and protected to walk into, meditating on exactly what the content needed to be for that event, setting intentions that the exact right people would be drawn to me for their highest and best purpose - yet people had no idea what I was actually doing behind the scenes because I was terrified if anyone knew I was spiritual that they wouldn’t take me seriously.

The few clients I had that knew I had a bit of spiritual connection and I’d let them in on some of it, they were people that had been working with me for years normally. When they found out, the standard response from them would be “Really? But you don’t seem like THAT type of person? Like you aren’t a hippie!” They’d be totally shocked but also super curious and ask me a thousand questions because they wanted to know more.

I’d been getting the message for a while about a program that I needed to create that involved me teaching meditation, chakras, energy healing work and other things to business women to show them how to create this for themselves, where the business, the mindset and the spiritual all come together.

I had been resisting it like crazy. I was terrified that I was going to not be taken seriously because I had a name for knowing my shit, and being this upfront no BS type person. I didn’t want to be put in the “Woo Woo” category and be thought of as being away with the fairies (although sometimes I was communicating with Faeries because my daughter connected to them all the time, but that’s a whole different story for a different post!)

Those spiritual people, there is nothing wrong with them as people - they just don’t know how to ground themselves properly and deal with this reality - they would prefer to escape and spend their time in other dimensions, which is exactly why they seem to be “away with the faeries - because they are!

So this program content and what it was kept being shown to me over and over again in meditation to me, I felt my guides gently pushing me to do it and I kept resisting because what would that MEAN?

I look back on this now as I’m reliving it and I have a huge smile on my face because I now find it hilarious. What it would mean would be this:

  • I would get to help people discover this incredible connection that is available to everyone.
  • These people would see their businesses transform into something completely different from where they currently were.
  • Their lives would totally change in such a different way but not “tip their life upside down” in a moment, more of a gradual change as they started to tune in and feel the energy.
  • They would start to use meditation and the energy to create their reality and to help others do the same.

The flow on effect just keeps going.

At the time though I was terrified about doing it and would it damage my reputation.

So I decided to do some content at this event I was running where I talked about very basic energy theory about how we can create our reality, to kind of dip my feet in the water and see the response. I also ran a “Closed Eye Process” aka a Meditation, LOL, to see how they responded to something incredibly basic.

I had 60+ people at this 3 day event, they all knew me, they were already my clients, it was a safe place to try this out. (It feels so strange typing about all these in person events pre COVID-19!)

Now there were a number of things that happened at this event that I want to touch upon.

  1. This entire event, pretty much ran as smoothly as an event could do, a few hiccups but not major as they normally would.
  2. I felt so on track and on purpose for this entire event. I normally love presenting, but the stuff I was talking about, despite me using more generic terms and just talking about basics, I LOVED IT so much and it felt so different.
  3. I sold a lot of upgrades at this event into other events and programs, over $500,000
  4. I had everyone's full attention when I was talking about the energy side of things - normally with that many people, some are mucking around on phones, moving around etc. None of that was happening, everyone was hooked on what I was talking about.
  5. During the “Closed Eye Process” for the 10-15 minutes it was happening, not a single sound was made, no sneezing, coughing, fidgeting, NOTHING which is incredible.
  6. The feedback afterwards was so amazing that I just felt my energetic heart exploding for all of these people with gratitude for them trusting me and letting me help them release all the stuff they had been working on for the last 3 days.

The most significant thing that happened though was at the end of the event, I had a group of clients come up to me as I stepped off stage, they had obviously already been talking about what they were about to ask me. This is basically how the conversation went if I combine everything they all said.

“So Emma, this was the best event ever and what you just did just then, we want more of that. We want to learn more about the energy, meditation and just focus on that part. Can you create a program or an event or something where we can do more of this?”

Can you just imagine what was going through my head at that point?

I actually was laughing out loud and did tell them that I had been wanting to do something but wasn’t sure if it would be wanted.

It was the universe guiding me the whole way through this, supporting me and helping me get over my fear of what would be thought of me.

It had to take for me to be ASKED to teach it for me to finally actually do it. I felt the acceptance.

Now we are a few years later and that program has grown and morphed into something a bit different, but where I run retreat events that are focused fully around healing themselves.

It’s not just about physical healing, but the emotional and mental part of what’s blocking them too. We do ceremonies, we meditate, we do deep personal development work, we cry, we laugh, we have fun, we focus on healing every area of our life. When we do that, it then creates a different reality including your business and who and how you create impact.

None of this would be happening for me or for them today, if all those things hadn’t happened for me in the past to lead me to the moment of connecting my spiritual self, to every other part of my identity.

It’s such a huge part of who I am, how I help people and what I teach them to do. It’s the combination of the no BS type personality, the psychic spiritual part of me, the practical experienced business woman in me that combine to make me an absolute powerhouse for helping people shift and transform their lives and their business.

It had to start with me owning who I was and what I REALLY actually had done behind the scenes for a long time to make my business grow. It wasn’t just hard work and strategy it was using my intuitive connection to the universe to help me along.

I still to this day combine my spiritual practices with all of my experience and knowledge to create the business I want, to deal with the clients I want and to live my life the way that I want to.

If you have been feeling that there is some missing piece of the puzzle to do with your business and the way that you are living right now, I can pretty much guarantee that I know what it is. Reach out to me, take 10 seconds of courage, fill out the form below and let's chat!

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