Want to prove to every person that has ever told you “You CAN’T” that you CAN?

That you CAN run your business.
That you CAN put in the work it takes.
That you CAN be successful and make money.
That you can live your life EXACTLY as you like.
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If you are like most people in the world, you feel a bit uncomfortable when money starts to be discussed. You feel your body tense up, your heart beats just that little bit faster and you start wishing that the topic would change.

Money is one of the most powerful tools that women have at their disposal. With money, they can make a real difference in their lives and the lives of their families. 

However, many women feel uncomfortable with financial concepts and don't know how to put their money to work effectively.

This leads to them not having as much control over their lives as they could. By learning how to get confident with money, women can take back control of their lives and achieve great things.

One of the biggest things that gets in the way of getting their finances under control is fear. Fear of failure, fear of judgment, fear of not being good enough. This fear can come from many different places: our families, our friends, society as a whole. But most often, it comes from within ourselves.

We are our own worst critics, and we are always looking for ways to tear ourselves down. This can end up stopping you dead in your tracks and not even beginning to investigate the ways you can take control of your financial situation - or worse, you run away from money or situations that could help you improve your financial situation.
So how do you move from feeling icky and fearful about money through to having a better relationship with money - so that you can live a life of financial independence

The first step is acknowledging that these feelings exist and that they are normal. Many women feel the same way that you do - so you are definitely not alone in this. Once you have acknowledged these feelings, then you need to start working on building up your financial skills.

So to help you, I've created a free report on how to get confident with money and break through the blocks you don't even realise you have (page 3).

In the report you will learn:

  • The most powerful habit that you can implement TODAY to help grow your wealth.
  • The REAL place bad money habits come from (no, it's not your family or friends!)
  • The #1 issue that stops women dead in their tracks when working towards financial goals (page 5)

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About Emma

I have been in business for over 14 years with multiple different businesses from bricks and mortar service and retail based businesses, to ecommerce to consulting. That’s not to mention all of the smaller businesses I set up as a kid selling things to kids at school.

I have built a multi million dollar a year business being an expert in my industry through consulting. I have changed so many business owners' lives for the better by helping them create more income both in turnover and profit, while giving them more time back in their lives.

The last couple of years, after all the success that I had had for myself I decided it was time I shared my secrets to how to actually make money in a consulting business that goes beyond a couple of hundred thousand a year. I have now been working with other experts in their industries to help them transition into a consulting model where they also get to see huge transformations in their clients lives and the follow-on impact from there.

I speak to people everyday that have had pretty big successes in their current business, but they’ve built it and are looking for the next challenge. That was exactly me 9 years ago, I was asking myself what was next! I’d dabbled with the thought of consulting, but the way I wanted to do it wasn’t leveraged, I then found a mentor who completely changed my life, who showed me a much better way.

I’ve managed to build Greyson Consulting into the business that it is today, while having a baby, divorcing a husband, and being on my own with my daughter as a single parent. Instead of using these life changing moments as excuses to hold my business back, I chose to use them as reasons for me to build, grow and create success while impacting so many peoples lives in a positive way.

Through all of this I don’t just help with people's businesses, I help create healthy mindsets and relationships, creating a great connection to money to help create wealth for your future.

I see everything as a ripple effect, when someone works with me everything in their world changes and improves, which then means that everyone that is connected to them also benefits from that change which creates more change. It just keeps going and going.

P.S somewhere along the way there I stopped talking about me and started talking about you. Welcome to my life with clients ;)

Let me give you the super quick summary of me:
Emma + George On Necker Island
I am a terrible cook, I have a housewife that I hire to come in and cook to make sure myself and my 7 year old Daughter get fed! I like baking, but that’s not good to survive on!

I got married young, for all the wrong reasons but I did have a Vegas Wedding (no I wasn’t drunk), had a baby and realised I didn’t want to live like I was in an unhappy marraige and have that as the example for my daughter, so I got divorced.

Prior to the marriage, I had been in a DV relationship and had no idea the full extent of what was going till years later. Which then led me to do a lot of work with charities and shelters helping women and children get set up in new homes, I even went on to create The Freedom For Women Foundation which I used to be able to partner with more of the shelters directly.

In 2016 I went on a Virgin Unite trip to Necker Island, where I got to sit in Richard Branson’s living room whilst listening to Amal Clooney talk about the cases that she had been fighting for basic human rights. I spent 4 days talking to royalty, George and Amal Clooney, Five for Fightings singer, John Ondrasik and his wife Carla and many huge business owners.

I’m awesome with money - it’s my genius zone! I was a 7 year old with a ledger book and due to my savvy skills with money and knowing what to do with it.

I hit $1m personal net wealth in my 20’s after buying and selling a number of businesses. Thats $1m cash in bank (invested) not including debt.

I’ve made a bunch of mistakes in that time too, which I also have learned from and don’t repeat!

I’d love to help you create more income and time into your life!

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