Fire Your Clients

You know that pain in the arse client that you have in your salon? That one that no matter what you do, she is just NEVER happy?

She whinges and bitches about EVERYTHING you do! Your staff stress out over just seeing her name in the appointment book. You are fed up with dealing with her.

You just wish that she would just go to another salon and never come back.

You would love to tell her at her next visit that you are sick of dealing with her and you think she should go somewhere else.

You dream of saying the big FUCK OFF to her.

So why don’t you? Maybe not the big fuck off part – but the whole telling her to go to another salon?

We get very caught up with the whole “Customer is always right saying” and that is definitely not always the case.

There are some people in this world that no matter what you do, it’s not going to please them. These can be people in your personal life, they can be your clients and they can be your staff.

Their negativity will rub off on everyone that is around them and affect each person that they come in contact with.

This pain in the arse client for example, is affecting you negatively, your staff and your business. Also what does it look like to any other client that is in the salon if this person is constantly complaining? How do you or your staff deal with in? How does that look to any other client that is in the salon?

Are you stressing out over it? Are you short with the pain in the arse client because you are frustrated? Are you running late because she takes up sooooo much more time than anyone else?

Do you see what I mean?

Then how does that impact the rest of the day?

Do you struggle to get back on track after that client leaves because of how much time she has taken up and the stress she has caused you and the team?

These types of people with drain you. Of time. Of Energy. Of Money.

The best thing that you can do is GET THEM OUT of your business ASAP!

FIRE THEM! Yes you heard me right, FIRE THE CLIENT!

It is a privilege to be able to come to your salon, not a right. We are not these clients servants as so many of them like to treat us. Just because they pay us for a service does not mean that they have the right to treat us like a piece of shit.

Now look, the first time that you do this, it isn’t going to be easy, I can guarantee it. But the relief and the power that you will feel AFTER you do it will make it so much better the next time that you have to do it.

Over the years I have only ever had to fire a few clients and these days I don’t let it carry on for years like I use to.

Just a couple of weeks ago I fired a client from my salon that I barely even knew who she was.

She came in for colour and extensions every 4 weeks, but because she whinged and bitched so much she would be back in at least 2 times if not 3 in between appointments.

“They aren’t sitting the same as last time. I just want a bit more cut around the front. They came loose in a few days. I want the extensions a bit higher, lower, forward, back.” Blah blah blah. NEVER EVER told us that she was HAPPY with anything.

Keep in mind here too, we do heaps of extensions, and no one else complains about ANYTHING but her.

Because she was so forceful, demanding and so rude all the time, the girls would just book her back in and they would redo whatever she was whinging about this week.

By the time I would add all of the wage costs up, I was losing money from her, not making anything from her.

The girls would always stress about this client constantly, so when I got a phone call to say “I need to talk to you about Jane Doe, you won’t believe what she has done now” I knew that was the final straw.

After discussing at her last appointment about how she was going to start going lighter for her wedding next year, she then went to another salon in between to get her hair and the extensions stripped from black to light brown.

Of course it went orange, she hated it. Went back and they tried to fix it, resulting in it being even lighter than she wanted it. She went back again and said just put black back over the top again because I hate it.

They did this to her extension hair too, which everyone knows that you shouldn’t touch extension hair with lightener.

So when she rocks up to her appointment with us – she wants us to lighten her hair and “Fix it”. Thank god my staff are well trained and told her NO WAY were they touching it with colour. So she just had new hair extensions applied at that visit.

The senior that called me was already stressing about this clients appointment the next month as to what to do with her colour because she knew the client would not be happy with anything that was done!

Decision to Fire her as a client was very easy now.

I basically told her that I had decided that it was best that she find another salon to visit, as we obviously couldn’t make her happy as she felt the need to try another salon. I told her I had cancelled her future appointment and I wished her the best of luck to find a salon that could make her happy.

She lost her shit at me.

Can you imagine the EMBARRASSMENT of the salon that you go to basically breaking up with you? Because that’s what it really was like, a relationship breakup!

This went back and forth a bit, she went through the 7 stages of grieving basically. She tried to tell me that I can’t do this to her, that the only reason she went somewhere else was because we were too expensive, but she came back to us, so what was my problem. It went on and on.

I was not backing down and was not changing my mind.

When I told my team what I had done, the RELIEF from them about not having to deal with her was amazing! The senior that had been panicking about her colour, then told me she hadn’t slept overnight because of her worrying about it.

And they all did a little bit of a happy dance!

No matter how much a client is paying you – it is not worth the drama of having to deal with them in this circumstance.

Your services are for sale – not your self respect.

So how many clients do you have in your salon that are negatively affecting your staff and your business?

Do you have staff that are negatively affecting the business?

Who in your personal life is draining you, stressing you out and making you lose sleep?

No matter what part of your life or your business that you are in, you need to get rid of these people out of it!

They are stopping your success!

FIRE them! Tell them sooner rather than later. The longer you let the behavior happen the longer it is going to go on.

Remember – Your services are for sale – not your self respect.

Emma Greyson

Emma has always been an entrepreneur at heart from the age of a small child. She used to make things to sell at school or charge people for performing services for them, including brushing her mum’s hair. Emma has always had a fascination with money and numbers, so it is no wonder that she ended up in business. Emma’s mission is to help Business Owners to hit all of their goals in life.

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