Is Your Business Systemised Enough For You To Go On Holidays?

I’ve just been sitting here thinking about how far I have come in the way that my business runs, the systems that run it without me being involved in every single part of it

Nearly 6 years ago to the day I opened my first beauty salon about 100m from my hairdressing salon. Around the end of March 2010 I decided that I wanted to go into full beauty as I had so many clients requesting those services or could I recommend anywhere to go.

I approached my current landlord as there were other empty stores in the arcade that I wanted to completely refit and expand my hairdressing salon and create a new beauty salon all under the one roof.

To cut the story short, lets just say that he wasn’t helpful at all. So I went and found another shop with another landlord, that I could just set up as a beauty salon. I negotiated the rent and within 24hours had signed a lease and had the key in my hand.

I’m not one to stuff around.

When I know that things are right and I want to do something, the time is always NOW.

I set an opening date of the end of April and we had 4 weeks to refit the shop and to order everything to start up from scratch.

To say it was rushed was an understatement. I probably could have given myself more time, but that was only going to delay me starting to make more money, what’s the point in that?
I was also leaving to go overseas for a month on May 23rd.

So I kind of needed to make sure that my new business and new staff were going to be ok whilst I was away for a month. Three weeks trading should be enough time, right?

I desperately needed a break. I hadn’t had a holiday at all for the nearly 2 years that I had had the business and it had been awhile before that since I’d had a decent chunk of time off also.

I was so stressed out as you can imagine. I had all my staff to organise, at the time once I added the beauty salon I had like 7 staff in total.

I was working these insane hours leading up to the trip. I was trying to organise client’s appointments around my trip and stressing out when they were getting huffy with me because I was so booked up.

I was stressing out that my staff wouldn’t know what to do while I was away.

At the time we had no washing machine in either salon, so was organising for my family to pick up towels and wash them to bring them back.

There was just a thousand little details that I needed to organise before I could leave.

WAGES! I forgot about that. Back then I still had a paper wages book and paid them legitimately in cash, as we still didn’t take a lot of EFTPOS.

That was a massive headache in itself to organise the wages and the banking.

So much was going on before I left that I nearly didn’t go and was just going to cancel the trip.

Even on my last day in the salon before I left, I was about 5 hours late leaving the salon to drive to Brisbane – thankfully my flight wasn’t until the next morning.

I was hyperventilating at the airport wondering if I had remembered to organise everything.

The first thing I did when I got over to America was to get Wi-Fi in the hotel and a sim card so that I could contact my staff.

The first week I was constantly distracted, needing Wi-Fi to check emails.

The second week I started to relax and realised that my business was ok.

The third week I was like “What business? I’m having such a good time I forgot I own a business.”

The fourth week I was feeling reenergised to go back to the salon but I was going to miss being on holidays.

And that my friend, was when I caught the Travel Bug.

I then went on to do 8 trips in just over the next 3 years from then.

The reason why I work so hard to make money is so that I can travel.

People say that money doesn’t buy happiness, I do believe that to a point. I had money and all the things and the stuff – but I was the unhappiest that I had ever been in my entire life, I was suffocating.

Money gives you freedom.

Money helps to be able to live the life that you want.

Money gives you the ability to have experiences that you can only dream of.

Money buys you an all access happiness pass to anywhere in the world that you want to go.

My business has helped me go places and see things and have opportunities that I could never have done without it.

Now, I get to be involved in a LOT of awesome things

I am so grateful for my business for the things that I am about to be involved in over the next two weeks, as I depart for another trip overseas.

First in LA I’m going to be recording videos for my website at a studio in Hollywood where Meryl Streep films all of her movies at.

I’m then going to be going to Necker Island to spend 4 days at a leadership event where Amal Clooney and Richard Branson are presenting at, obviously Richard Branson will be there as he lives on and owns Necker Island.

Had someone told me 6 years ago or even 2 years ago that I would be doing these things – I would have laughed and not believed them.

I am so incredibly grateful for the possibilities and opportunities that I have ahead of me, all because of the way that I have grown my businesses.

As I am typing this, I am meant to be spending today organising all of my businesses and my team to make sure that they are fine for the next two weeks while I head to the US.

Yet today as I started to write my list of things that I needed to do to organise them, the ink just wasn’t flowing from the pen.

I had to dig REALLY REALLY hard to find exactly what I needed to organise.

I can honesty say that there is like 3 things on my list and they aren’t massive.

There are a few things that I need to do obviously, but they are mostly for me personally not to do with the business.

The chaos that I use to experience before leaving for a trip is just non-existent.

I have a great team around me. I know that they will be fine for me to go overseas and everything will run just the same as if I was here.

I have set my businesses up so that I can run them from anywhere.

I personally think I have just been in my own head telling myself the “chaos” story because that’s what it use to be like. I know as I’m reflecting on this now that each trip I did it got easier and easier as I systemised my business more and more to streamline it.

The thing that I think I am freaking out about more than anything is leaving my daughter for two weeks. I think the work “chaos” story has been a distraction from the fact that I am leaving her. I have been away from her many times for work but not overseas or for two weeks straight.

I am going to miss her so much – when she is older I will travel with her and I look forward to being able to show her the world! I just don’t think that I could take her on a plane for that long, 2 year olds are complete terrors!


Emma Greyson

Emma has always been an entrepreneur at heart from the age of a small child. She used to make things to sell at school or charge people for performing services for them, including brushing her mum’s hair. Emma has always had a fascination with money and numbers, so it is no wonder that she ended up in business. Emma’s mission is to help Business Owners to hit all of their goals in life.

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