Why Some Owners Fail & Others Are Successful

I spend a lot of my day on the phone to salon owners – both my existing clients, and potential new clients.

Some owners are destined for success – they have their head screwed on the right way, and they are going to do fantastic whether I help them on their journey or not.

Some owners however, are destined for struggle town with their current mindset. These are some common elements I see with people who are destined for success vs those who are not.

#1 Constantly Getting Caught Up in the “Cost” of Things.

Now I’m not talking about retail therapy here. I’m talking about business investments. Investments, by definition are supposed to get you a RETURN on your money. In other words, they should make you MORE than you invest.

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about mentoring, an event, a conference, hiring or firing of staff…. all of these things are investments. The more you focus on the COST of the investment, the more you are doing your head in. Successful owners focus on what you they are going to GET out of it. HOW they are going to get ROI.

To give you an idea on this, when I heard Tabatha Coffey was coming to Hair Expo – she was doing small intimate group sessions. They were the highest price of all education tickets at Expo. I attempted to buy EVERY TICKET to her events. WHY? Because then I would have 1:1 time with her. I would have had her all to myself. Could you imagine what I could have learned with hours of 1:1 time with Tabatha?

#2 Concerned With Travelling to Learn.

We live in a rich, wealthy country by world standards. You can literally fly across the country and back for under a few hundred bucks. Now, I don’t know about you, but in my business, a couple of hundred bucks is NOTHING. That’s literally around 1 day’s pay for a staff member. At any point one of your staff could be sick, and that costs you less than some flights to learn how to grow your business.

In this day and age, especially if you are running your own business – you’re going to need to be prepared to travel. WHY? The best mentors, educators and events are NOT going to be in your backyard. As an owner, if you’re not prepared to fly INTERNATIONALLY for the right business events and guidance – you’re going to find it hard to get good advice locally. Nothing beats learning in person. Online is great and all, but sometimes you just need to go to where the experts are.

The best owners recognise how cheap it is to go and gain expertise, even internationally – because they are focused on ROI it is a simple equation. Will the travel and event increase my business by more than it costs? If so, lets go!

This year, I had the opportunity to go to Necker Island with Richard Branson. As you can imagine, it was SUPER expensive. To give you an idea, it was more than most people pay a year in rent, or off their mortgage. I had to also fly overseas on 5 flights to get there (which wasn’t included in the price), and arrange care for my 2yr old daughter – ultimately though, with the lessons learned from the event and Richard – that event paid for itself 10-fold already – and that was 8 weeks ago.

#3 They Move Forward Even When They’re Scared.

Running your own business is scary. Anyone who doesn’t agree has never had to balance the credit card while paying staff and hoping everything doesn’t fall in a heap around them. It’s OK to be scared.

When you’re scared though, you’ve got a choice. You can continue to sit there, be scared, do nothing, and eventually have everything crash down around you.

Or you can do something about it.

You can move forward, move into a different position. By moving and doing something new, you will gather new insights and clarity. Will every action be perfect? Of course not. But it’s better to do SOMETHING than to do nothing and be paralysed by fear.

The most successful owners feel the fear, and step into the fear – but they don’t do so blindly. They get the right help, the right support. They don’t just stick their head in the sand and hope that everything will be OK.

My default position when I’m scared is to say yes. I’m pretty clear these days when things aren’t a good fit. Saying no is easy. What’s challenging is when you feel the fear of doing something, to JUST SAY YES and figure the rest out later.

I always prefer the challenge of figuring out how to make it work compared to the regret of saying no. Could you imagine if I said no to meeting Richard Branson because I was too scared? I definitely know I would have regretted it.

Ultimately, if you’re in business you’ve got to get serious about it. If you’re not serious, you’re destined to fail – you’re far better off getting paid a wage and working for someone. You’ve got to be prepared to do whatever it takes to grab opportunities with both hands and not let go, if you want to be successful.

The people that do that, like myself and like my students, are in the position that we are in BECAUSE WE DO THAT. We chose not to stay stuck being scared and paralysed.

We chose to get ourselves ahead even if it can be scary as hell. It’s how you become successful – it all starts with a choice.

If you want a checklist of things that you should be DOING in your salon, to find your feet as the owner, download The Salon Owners Checklist.  It will help you identify the key things you need to be doing in your salon in order to be successful and hit your goals in your salon.

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Emma Greyson

Emma has always been an entrepreneur at heart from the age of a small child. She used to make things to sell at school or charge people for performing services for them, including brushing her mum’s hair. Emma has always had a fascination with money and numbers, so it is no wonder that she ended up in business. Emma’s mission is to help Business Owners to hit all of their goals in life.

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