What Do Farmers And Salon Owners Have In Common?

Mostly Nothing….

BUT What can Farmers Teach Salon Owners?

That communities support each other and collaborate – they don’t really compete with each other.

Farmers, and communities in farm areas don’t tend to see each other as in competition.  Even if one farm has the same animals or fruit – and they are “technically” in competition.

But they don’t see it that way.

They see it as is that they’re a community of people that all work together for the greater good of the farmers – and each other.

They see it as it’s the farmers against everybody else. They are all working together to make sure that everybody stays in business in their community

So that everybody gets to keep their farms.

So that everybody’s family still gets to survive and to do the things that they want to do.

They’re not aggressive, they’re not trying to backstab each other. They’re all fighting from the standpoint of they’re together – they’ve all got their own individual businesses, but they’re also a team.

At one of my Salon Bootcamp Events recently, I had a student that is in a farming location and she wanted to advertise for her ideal client of a farmer’s wife type of person. Which is what she’s been doing with her ad’s since she got back and it’s been going RIDICULOUSLY well.

So I was talking about the Farming community at Salon Bootcamp and I was saying about how amazing it would be if that kind of community happened in the hair and beauty industry.

That this is what I’ve been working on creating for all of these years in the industry. Instead of everyone wanting to backstab each other all the time, everybody wanting to take each other down and everybody seeing themselves as in competition with each other plus so many other negative things, that instead we come together like a supportive community.

Because when you do that right, there’s MORE than enough clients for EVERYONE.

Yet we see a LOT of the bitching and the backstabbing in our industry. Constantly.

I know it’s hard when you’ve got bills to pay and it FEELS like the clients are deliberately not coming to you and going to your competitors.

What if we could eliminate that competitiveness from the industry and see that nobody is actually our competition that there is more than enough people to go around and there’s more than enough clients plus there’s more than enough staff.

If we could all just work together then what we would be able to do is build the whole industry up and not lower standards which would change the stereotype of what hairdressers are.

We could stop the never ending discounting to ridiculous levels and under cutting the salon down the road.

What if we could band together as the professionals .

Like professionals we are – and get TREATED as professionals because we BEHAVE like professionals.

We could all deliver amazing services and have successful businesses as a result.

And so much more.

We could create a community of like minded people that want better and want more money for everyone not just for themselves.

We could change the industry.

When I was talking about this at Salon Bootcamp, every single head in that room was nodding at me – that they wanted that community. They wanted that point of connection with others.

Then they all started talking…

Saying things like:

“That’s what I feel like when I come here to Bootcamp”

“That’s what I feel like being a part of Emma’s program”

“I just feel as though everybody here is so supportive”

“Everyone’s got my back in here”

Ultimately, we all do better when we’re part of a community.

Owning a salon is a TOUGH job.  It’s reassuring to know others have been in your shoes and walked in your footsteps and have come through the other side thriving.

I hear you ask “But Emma! The clients ARE literally going to my competitors and not to me… how do I keep my clients coming back? How do I find the premium clients that will pay the bills?”

It’s a great question.

You can’t just sit in a community town hall with other salon owners and hope that’s going to bring you all business.  That’s not how it works.

So to help you, I created a worksheet to help you bring in more clients you love to work with.

…the ones who want the type of creativity you can deliver.

…the ones that will help you bring your passion, and cashflow, back into your salon.


Click the banner below, enter your details below and we’ll send you out the worksheet immediately.


Emma Greyson

Emma Greyson

Emma has always been an entrepreneur at heart from the age of a small child. She used to make things to sell at school or charge people for performing services for them, including brushing her mum’s hair. Emma has always had a fascination with money and numbers, so it is no wonder that she ended up in business. Emma’s mission is to teach Salon Owners how to be Business Owners so that they can hit all of their goals in life.

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